Assessing the changing relationship of territory and institutions

Recent years have provided us with new images of a world in which persons can interact almost seamlessly regardless of distance. Various private and public institutions draw on changing means of communication and transport that seem to transcend particular spaces and times. Concepts such as liquid democracy suggest the revolutionary potential of digital media for our thinking about politics. At the same time, we are also witnessing an unbroken and even growing focus on securing territorial borders. Critiques of disembodied perspectives on norms and persons join with the emphasis on space’s significance for human interactions, often described as the “spatial turn”. Are we moving past a territorially defined order – or do we see a return of border walls? Are territorial borders being complemented or replaced by other forms of boundaries, tighter firewalls and/or private fences?

The conference offers a forum for addressing the complex and shifting interrelations between territory and institutions.

We look forward to contributions by scholars from various fields, including two keynotes by Prof. Margaret Moore (Queen’s University) and Prof. T. Alexander Aleinikoff (The New School).

The call for participation is closed. Registration for the conference is possible here.

For all further inquiries please get in touch at conferenceterritory@mmg.mpg.de